Oh no she didn’t! Good Enough Mother, like so many of you, was shocked to hear the daughter of esteemed actor Laurence Fishburne had shot a porn tape.  Actually, I was shocked to hear he had a daughter. Talk about your coming out party.

There are so many things wrong with this story, not the least of which is the porn. Montana Fishburne, like many aspiring actresses, has adopted a screen name. It is Chippy D. I kid you not. She is starring in the flick with a guy named Brian Pumper. No, I didn’t make that up either. In an interview from what looks to be the dining area of a fast food restaurant Montana, rather, Chippy D, speaks of her foray into the adult entertainment industry. It’s comical and sad at the same time, especially as talks of having “a lot of home experience”.

Look, when I was 19 I was pissed at my folks regularly. But the worst thing I did was flip them off behind their backs and sneak beer from the refrigerator. But this is something else altogether. You know how dads feel about their daughters. This was a move designed to put a dagger right through his heart and it sounds like she succeeded.  Fishburne probably doesn’t want to think of her having sex at all, much less on celluloid with a guy named Brian Pumper (still shaking my head).  For her part, Montana, showing that she has completely left the planet and doesn’t appear to have a firm grip on the situation, says her dad is upset but she thinks he will get over it and ultimately support her. REALLY?

As a parent my heart aches for Laurence Fishburne. He honed his craft and worked hard to get to the top of Hollywood’s A-list so he could provide for his family and this is what he gets in return. He has to be wondering, among those steps, which one was the wrong one.

If Chippy D wanted a career in show business couldn’t she have reached out to her father? You can’t tell me he couldn’t have opened some doors and while I understand wanting to do it on your own, there’s gotta be a better way to get there than on your back. Or front. Or knees. Or.. oh, forget it you know what I’m saying.

I suppose there is always a chance for the music to swell and this to end in tidy, Hollywood fashion. There’s also the chance that Montana after her youthful good looks fade and gravity has its way with her will realize the gravity of what she’s done.  Here’s hoping her dad will be there for her when no one else is.

What do you think? Can you imagine what you would feel if this were your child? What would you say?