Well hells bells, why didn’t I think of this before?  I spent so many of my prime party years struggling as a hostess at Del Taco, then a salesgirl at Miller’s Outpost followed by a stint as a waitress at TGI Fridays trying to make ends meet when all I needed was this… RICH PARENTS!

Check out this hilarious clip from the folks at FunnyorDie.com – it’s really, really good!

The thing is, as is the case with most humor, what makes it funny is the kernel of truth embedded deep within.  There is something sort of ass-chapping about those kids who don’t have to work for anything and don’t have the slightest inkling of the value of a dollar…. Don’t you just hate them!

To that end, I feel that it’s my responsibility as a mom to make sure my kids know the importance of an honest day’s work and to understand the real value of money…

A big dose of real life, that’s what’s on tap here at Good Enough Mother.

Enjoy the video…!