AM I STUPID OR WHAT? We got home from Florida on Saturday and are already back on the road, this time, DRIVING to South Carolina.  Me. With two kids. And a dog.

I like to leave early in the morning when I’m doing this drive, and typically we have Buff to help out. But hey, someone has to work to support out jet setting lifestyle. Ha!

My early morning departure plan was thwarted when I found out my dentist wanted to enjoy the holiday weekend instead of seeing me on the 5th. How dare he! So the morning of the 6th, I had to spend 2 hours in the dental chair, finishing up a root canal before getting on the road.

Jaw throbbing and mouth on fire, I raced home, snatched up two kids, a dog and threw them and the suitcases in the car before I realized I had left the leash and the dog bowls in the house. I knew Buff had my keys so I would just use the hidden key. And that would have worked if he had not RE-HIDDEN the hidden key!

Great, now the pressure was on. See I was trying to get to the other side of DC before rush hour traffic but now, along with stops for gas and money, add another – this one to the overpriced pet store for a leash and two bowls.

Bowls, leash, pig ears, gas and cash, we were finally on our way. The fleecing began on the New Jersey turnpike with all the tolls and continued right on until we got out of DC. Then it was open road and all the junk food we could eat.

The dog is traveling with us for the first long road trip and I couldn’t figure out how to make her comfortable. When she and I are tooling about town, I just throw her in the back seat of my car. But for long road trips she needs room to S-T-R-E-T-C-H out.  I’ve always had spatial challenge issues. This falls into that category.

She also needs to learn how to pee at rest stops without taking 12 minutes to smell every blade of grass.

I am the sole driver and that’s been a bit tough especially when Cole is telling me every corny joke he can find. But traffic has been light, as has the mood and I have every reason to believe it will continue for the second leg of the journey. If it doesn’t someone gets left on the side of the road. Hopefully it is me.