Good Enough Mother And A Choir At Carnegie!

Good Enough Mother cannot sing a lick but somehow I ended up on the stage at Carnegie hall! I had a chance to narrate an amazing work called Sing for the Cure, commissioned for the breast cancer group Komen for the Cure. The Resounding Harmony Choral Symphony, under the direction of Dr. Tim Seelig took listeners on a journey of all the emotions experienced by someone who’s been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Photo credited to DCINY Productions and Stefan Cohen, Photographer

In one song, a woman talks about losing her mother at 13. That is the age my sweet Casey is so of course, I could barely get through that part.

There is another song called Who Will Curl My Daughter’s Hair? One line talks about the daughter and her beautiful flowing curly locks. Of course, that got me too. I discretely tried to blow my nose on stage. At Carnegie Hall. It cannot be done.

Rene Syler Speaking June 6 2010 (1)

The last song is particularly uplifting. It’s called One Voice and it really brings home the point that one voice, when joined by many, really can make a difference. That is why I do what I do. I will keep lending my voice, using my words, to spread the message of early detection and treatment of breast cancer. I truly believe in my lifetime, we could have a cure for breast cancer. But we need more voices. We need YOUR voice. Will you help?