Good Enough Mother, minus the ringing in her middle-aged ears, feels pretty good right about now. See both my kids had their rock recitals this afternoon and dangit, they were GOOD! I suffered through 8 other acts, two songs per band, just to hear my offspring do their thing.

They are both part of bands organized out of the local music school. Two or three times a year, they rent a dive bar in Manhattan and the kids get to perform onstage, in a real nightclub, with real alcohol which is served to the parents. Trust me when I say, that made the day more bearable.

Anyway, Casey’s group, was the 7th band up, and the wine and earplugs saved my bacon. Not that the other groups were not good, you understand, it’s just that I do not have a vested interest in them. For the other kids, I did not go through a combined 36 hours of labor, only to have them yanked from my womb. For the other kids, I did not get up in the middle of the night to soothe their fever, only to have them throw up in my hair. For them, I did not sit through countless parent- teacher meetings or struggle with the family budget to figure out how I could afford to keep paying for these lessons. But I did for Casey and Cole. So it was with breathless anticipation I watched them.

Casey, the shy one, was very good. She did not sing and looked completely miserable, like she would rather be anywhere but there. But she soldiered through and when they were done, she sat down next to me and said she had a great time. Of course you cannot tell it by the photos with the perma-frown on her face.

Cole’s group, because they were among the best (really that is not just a proud mother talking, they really were) was last. That’s right, dead last, which meant time for more wine. But when they got on stage, they were TIGHT! They’ve been working together for about three years now and sound better all the time. Unfortunately, Cole is WAY in the back and you can hardly see him.

All in all, a great afternoon and I suddenly feel much better about the amount of money we are spending on lessons. They like music and both are gifted. It’s my job not to push them into that talent but to support them in it. Even if it means, bleeding eardrums and a slight hangover.