Why Bringing A Baby To Bed Isn’t Such A Smart Idea…

According to recent reports Kourtney Kardashian is a big fan of sleeping in bed with her baby…

And who can blame her. There’s nothing more delicious than having your baby snuggle up to you in the middle of the night. It’s so innate it makes them feel safe and you feel good. And let’s be honest, all new mommies want is a good night’s sleep and it’s hard to do when your baby is crying because it’s alone in a crib or bassinet.

There are many good reasons for co-sleeping. It encourages nighttime breastfeeding, helps mother get more rest and baby fall asleep faster.

But there are some big cons about it to – namely is it safe? The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 515 deaths in children under two who slept in their parent’s bed from 1990-1997. 121 of those deaths came when the parent or caregiver rolled over on top of their infant while some came from strangulation or suffocation from excess bedding.

Look, Good Enough Mother gets it; as a new mommy, you are experiencing a level of exhaustion that would kill mere mortals and would walk over hot coals if it meant you could get just 10 minutes of rapid eye movement sleep. But Kourtney needs to be very careful. She says she and her boyfriend remove all the pillows from the bed before they sleep.  Uh, so they are not using pillows at night? Take it from someone with an aching neck, that’s a tough way to go. What about bedding? Are they also sleeping in the onsies that babies sleep in? Because if they are, there can’t be a whole lot of gettin’ down goin’ on, if-you-get-my-drift. Wait, they have a new baby. Probably not a lot of that goin’ on anyway. But even if the mood was there, so is the baby, which presents a bit of a logistical nightmare.

I think the real problem comes when Kourtney tries to move the baby OUT of the bed and she realizes that she has become the human pacifier; in other words, the baby won’t go to sleep without her.

You know one of the TEN FROM GEM tips on this site is ‘There is No Right Way’ so we’re not big on telling other people what to do (unless they ask of course, then we fire with both barrels) but this short term solution could turn into a long term problem if Kourtney’s not careful.

What do you think? Did you utilize the family bed when your baby was born? And would you do it again?