Ask Me Anything.. Turning 50 Edition! (VIDEO)


Gold 50th 3d Number Representing Anniversary Or Birthdays

Ask Me Anything..
Turning 50 Edition! (VIDEO)


Holy Moses.. it’s almost here. Five decades of life will culminate for me on the 17th of February. Honestly I can’t believe it’s here.. and that I am this old.

No, no settle down.. I don’t mean 50 is old. It’s just that honestly I never really thought I would be this age. I know that sounds crazy given the alternative; it’s just that I never really thought about myself aging.

I guess that’s because I was so busy running from here to there to think about what the second half of my life might look like.

It’s been a struggle, these last couple of years, but I’m healthy, strong, still standing and more committed than ever to make Good Enough Mother a success. I have the right team  in place behind me and together we are working hard, every single day to bring the message of imperfection to the masses.

Anyway, on my Facebook page the other day I told people to Ask Me Anything… the Turning 50 edition. I got a lot of questions so I’m going to, over the next couple of weeks, try to answer them in this video Q and A format.

So without further ado, here’s the first one..  with questions about gray hair and how to keep going.




And here’s last year’s Happy Birthday post in case you want to compare!




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  1. Whitney

    February 14, 2013 at 11:38 am

    Do me a favor and don’t be hard on yourself. You have accomplished a lot and WE have so much ahead of us. I had a weird feeling too when I turned 50 last year, I was disappointed in what I haven’t done. I quickly had to stop that thinking. The best is yet to come and wishing you the best! I’ve accepted my gray, but I do shave my mustache! LOL!

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