Where In The World Is Good Enough Mother? The Doctors, Baby! (Again)


Woot! Howdy all.. I’ve been soaking up the sun of Cali for the last couple of days and have had quite a blast!  There was golfing for Komen for the Cure, driving my Fox Rent A Car and seeing friends.  I’ve been posting pictures on Facebook.  You “like” me there, right?  If not, come on over for more details of the trip including me losing my car and then getting a ticket on it.  Yeah and oh, boy!

But don’t cry for your Good Enough Mother just yet.  Today I’m flying in and out of Los Angeles to do a taping of The Doctors.  Woot!  Woot!  It’s always good to see my friends on set and get a chance to do what I love which is spread the Good Enough Mother message.  This is my second taping in the last couple of months; my last visit should actually be aired tomorrow, October 11.  Check your local listings as they say in the biz.  I can’t wait to talk about it all with you as soon as the GEMpire calms down (spoiler alert: it’s not slowing down, but I will check in again soon).

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  1. Craig

    October 12, 2012 at 9:34 am

    I saw your appearance and thought you did great . Keep pressing forward. What next Steve harvey , Oprah ! Expand the plan.

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