Dancing With The Stars: Rene Goes LIVE Again!

Well, shall we trip the lights fantastic once again tonight?

We had such a grand time broadcasting our Dancing with the Stars chat on our very own Good Enough Mother channel last week that we’re gonna do it again tonight. Since last week was the first one, we had a few rough patches, but live and learn so here’s what I plan to do tonight:

*THE SHOW WILL START AT 9:35 EST: Dancing with the Stars ends at 9:30 and the TV is a few steps away from World HQ (aka The Walk In Closet). Since I use my laptop while the show is on, I’ll need a few minutes to power down then walk the four steps and settle in to the live location. Chat amongst yourselves while I do that.

*I WILL BE IN THE CHAT ROOM IN ADVANCE OF THE SHOW: You don’t need to wait until I’m on camera to get in there and start snarking. I’ll be dipping in to take a look at the comments, as well as on my Facebook page and Twitter. I will also be signing for a UPS package at the front door, while helping one kid with level-four Geometry simultaneously. Yes, I am that damn good.

*I’LL TRY TO ANSWER QUESTIONS: You guys are chatting away and are so funny and fast with your comments, it’s hard to keep up but I’ll do my best.

*I WILL TRY TO STAY CENTER SCREEN: I got a text from my work boss, Roger, telling me to stay in the middle of the screen (of course, I didn’t see it until I was off air and a full three days later). I’ll try to use my supermom superpowers to stay in place.

*I WILL MAKE SURE BUFF HAS THE REMOTE: Do I need to explain this? In case you missed it, read all about it here!

So there you go. For those of you who are DWTS fans and want to have a side dish of live snark to go with the main course on Twitter and FB, make sure you have a Ustream account – just register at the link above (it’s free and fast) and then come join us here at this posting at 9.35pm EST.

And thanks you guys. As I said before, this is really just the beginning for some really cool, really big stuff we have planned for Good Enough Mother so think of yourselves as, well, guinea pigs, who smell nicer.

Will you be there? If so, see you tonight!

Live video by Ustream


Rene Syler is a wife, mother, breast cancer advocate and television personality whose burning desire to tell the truth about modern motherhood led her to create GoodEnoughMother.com. When not spending time with her family or burning something for dinner, Rene travels the country as host of Sweet Retreats on The Live Well Network and Exhale on Aspire.

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  1. Cam Bibs&Baubles

    May 2, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    sounds fun! I’ll try to check in. 🙂

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