After decades of international wrangling, Roman Polanski is a free man.

Lindsay Lohan plans to stay out of jail.  Shouldn’t she have thought about this like a year ago?

Speaking of jail, the kid known as The Barefoot Bandit has been caught and in spectacular style.

There’s new hope for an Iranian boy born with half a face.

Want to get your kid off the bottle? A five-minute conversation with your doctor can help.

I applaud Angelina Jolie for letting her kid dress the way she wants to!

What in the world? A convention of celebrity mistresses? What I wouldn’t give to be at the opening night cocktail party…

Robot teachers. I guess bringing an apple just won’t do.

This is exactly why you don’t tangle with professional comedians!

Can decide on pie or cake for desert? How about.. PAKE?

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